Thursday, February 07, 2008


Black granite, shiny, names on a wall
Slain heroes of a forgotten war who once stood tall
Black granite, shiny, letters written in blood
Visited by many, remembered by few, like crosses in hallowed mud.

We shall triumph, the President swore
A generation decimated in a futile war
Wives widowed, families shattered, mothers wept
Brave men one and all, they eternally slept.

Memories are all that remain today
Weeping yellow roses that the faithful lay
Each name, a pain in someone’s heart
Little has changed, life affords no restart.

Black granite, shiny, names on a wall
Of soldiers fallen answering a nation’s call
Black granite, shiny, names etched in stone
Sons, husbands, fathers and brothers: remembered silently alone.

Black granite, shiny, the Vietnam memorial
Valhalla for the fifty-eight thousand, a swollen wall
Black granite, shiny, proud stars and striped
A nation grieves in silence, many a tear wiped.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Silver sands caressed their bare feet, late evening on the beach
Tequila sunset, the sky ablaze, almost within reach.
Fingers intertwined, their souls were one
Alone together with a carmine Sun.

Silhouetted black, the palms swayed
They danced while the music played
A heavenly orchestra was on song
Beat for beat their hearts matched, nothing went wrong.

Into the cool waters they waded
Ultramarines, cobalts and azures, in the dim light colours faded.
He held her tight, never would let her go
A pang of fear, banished, too base to show.

The sky craved the sea, the touch of the froth
He craved her, like a flame-seduced moth
The heavens stooped and kissed the sea
He longed to taste her, and it set them free.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Darkness descended like a roosting raven
Blackness engulfed our human haven
The Moon was resplendent, floating like the Mary Celeste
Rudderless to shores unknown.

The night was calm. It was cold.
I was alone, growing old.
Wish you were here, this beautiful night
You, me and the Moon: Behold the sight.

Dewdrops glistened, little diamonds for you.
Delicately sitting atop fragile blades, brand new.
The horizon lightened, and I was still alone
Wish you were here, this beautiful dawn.

Soft golds, reds and yellows, a canvas on show
The darkness dispelled, the sun began to glow
Like a soft-boiled egg, it hung low, frowning
Wish you were here, this wonderful morning.

Wish you were here, from now and forever.