Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We had a fantastic outing on an otherwise wet and gloomy day when we did the fantastic American Museum of Natural History and thoroughly enjoyed the many exhibits that the museum had to offer. The evening we went to Greenwich Village, close to NYU and tucked into some authentic Mexican fare at Burrito Loco.
Papa arrived on Wednesday, 7th June for he had just a fortnight of leave from office. After enduring some terrible heat at the Paris stop-over, he landed at Newark somewhat wilted. The wedding was now just four days away. The meticulous Mintadidi was on the phone ensuring everything went just the way she wanted it down to the last detail. Papa the perfectionist dazzled everyone by peeling mangoes. Boy, those Mexican mangoes sure were sweet.
Friday we had a party at Mony and Gavin’s Morristown mansion to celebrate the upcoming union of Shameek and Mintadidi. It was a family affair with a few close friends in attendance too. We all went back early for Christina, the hairdresser had to be picked up from the station because she would be doing up all the ladies’ hair on the wedding day.
“She’s cute but a bit crazy. So watch out, diesel!” Miguel told me.
“Oh really, I can’t wait to get back!” I quipped.
She was actually interesting for she was in her mid-thirties and now she was heading to Hungary to pursue masters in International Politics. I was disappointed to learn that she had a Bosnian boyfriend. That instantly conjured up an image of a big, burly, scraggly bearded hulk. She sure had beautiful, silky hair. She had been hairdressing for almost a decade and was really good at it. Jethu and Mintadidi rehearsed their father-daughter dance in the living room to the soulful voice of Louis Armstrong. Saturday was the big day. The day got an early start for the “totto” started coming in bright and early from the “borpokkho”. Inspite of knocking back several beers, Sunny came in with the first of the gifts, followed by Gavin and Raj. The decked up fish in crimson with a beautiful little white headdress was fascinating and soon the whole Chattopadhyaya household was stirring. Dave had come back really late from a business trip decided to switch sides and quickly exited the house to help out Sunny with some of the gifts and entered the house again with them as part of the “borpokkho”. A token “gaye-holud” ceremony was held where the ladies smeared Mintadidi with turmeric. The “totto” had all arrived by now and lay neatly arranged all over the floor of the room like plundered booty.


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