Tuesday, July 24, 2007


27th of May, the household was preparing in earnest for a trip to Boston for the wedding of Abir and Monica. One regiment was to leave in the afternoon while we were to leave the day after along with Dave, Babandidi and Aunt Dolores. I was baking my trademark gooey chocolate cake for Babandidi and Dave. Jethu and the group left for Boston post lunch on Friday. It was threatening rain when they left. My cake was already in the oven baking away merrily when Babandidi and I sat down and decided to make a special dinner.
“Lets decide what we wanna make. I’ll make my summer salad with mandarin oranges and blue cheese. I hope you like blue cheese.” Babandidi said.
“Never tried it. You mean stuff like Roquefort?”
“Yes, it is a bit strong smelling but will nicely offset the sweet and nuttiness of the salad that I will be making. I will also make a Vodka sauce with some fancy prosciutto tortellini.”
“That sounds great.”
So off we went to the supermarket to get whatever we needed to make it a special dinner. I picked up a bag of calamari rings to make my piece de resistance: Butter Pepper Garlic Squid. So we churned out some delectable dishes and dinner was ready by the time Dave arrived with his mother.
Dolores Aunty is quite a cook herself and we talked long about world cuisines and she thoroughly enjoyed my squid. The salad was refreshingly nutty and crunchy and was amazing and the drunken pasta sauce was delectable. We rounded it off with the cake and some fresh cream. Some late harvest New Zealand Riesling just added to the occasion for it was some of the best dessert wines I’ve had, almost like Eisswine.
The cards and bouquets crowded the table and Dave had brought home a huge bouquet of red roses. A great day in all and I was glad to have been able to bake the cake for Dave and Babandidi on their 5th anniversary. We were to leave for Boston the next morning. Man, it was almost nomadic!


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